Annecy – Thiou channel

Annecy – Thiou channelWarning: Not live image


View of Thiou channel exit (Libellule). Annecy city is located at the north of Annecy lake, close to Italy and Geneva (Switzerland). Annecy is considered the ‘French Venice’ due to the picturesque channels crossing the city.

With its crystal clear water lake Annecy is now known as one of the cleanest in the world. Therefore it is also one of the most famous sights of the French Alps. Water sport activities as water-skiing, sailing, rowing, kayak and kite-surfing are a must.

The traditional bars and restaurants offer a wide variety of local dishes, the alpine version of “French cuisine”.

The locals just love when tourists put into practice what they have learned in school. So it might be the right moment to refresh your memory with some French language courses.

Almost around every corner a new attraction is waiting – typical French architecture, picturesque views of the channels and the breathtaking mountain landscape from different angles. The pure air makes you feel a deep sense of calm.

A full panorama of the city can be seen here.

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